Kim's Live Recording Session Feb., 2015

Friday evening, before 'Valentine's 2015' weekend, I had the opportunity to sit in on the live recording session of Kim McClelland's new cd. I was asked to document the recording session with still photography. This was a live recording and the sound of the camera's shutter, even if set on 'Quiet', can be picked up by the microphones. In addition, a videographer was working his creative magic, so I was limited to when and where I could shoot. These 'limitations' gave me the glorious freedom to sit back and enjoy the music as it was being amazing experience!

It was truly a wonderful evening...for Kim and his family... and ...for those of us who had the privilege to be present as this cd was created. 

I look forward to hearing the cd and watching the video when this project is complete.

Thank you, Kim and Katherine, for inviting me to be part of this long awaited evening!

View still images from the recording session with the link below.