Informare Performance


Art direction and performance: Heather Beecher Hawk 

Photography: Karen Cunningham,

Informare was performed in Columbus, Ohio at a Short North Gallery Hop. I had the opportunity to photograph Heather as she created and performed this thought provoking piece. The images on this page show the preparation of the art, the street performance and the Gallery Hop spectators as they interacted with the art.

Heather Beecher Hawk defines performance art on her website:

"Performance art captures the temporary, transient and shifting nature of reality. Street art especially serves to interrupt the ordinary and expected. 

Throughout my work, I explore themes of identity and existence on the personal, the public, and the ancient levels, melding narrative, oral storytelling and visual art. I am drawn to create live performance art as collaborative engagement, allowing performance, artist and audience to create something from a shared moment. I believe there is beauty in the fluid nature of performance, in the way it mirrors and also exposes and questions our lived experience."

Below is Heather's description of this street art:

"Using text hand written on her body in black eyeliner, Heather Beecher Hawk created this street art performance to explore questions of identity. Performed with a medical form stuffed in her mouth, the text formed its own dialogue—identity categories from Census, medical, and employment forms juxtaposed with text from "experts" on identity development.

The piece posed the following questions: What is the relationship between the forms we fill out and the forming of our identities? What happens when the form doesn't fit? When the meaning doesn't fit or the box doesn't exist or the label doesn't make sense, what is the impact? How do we become who we are and can we exist in this form?"

Visit Heather's website to view more of her art and follow her blog.